There's a new type of woman emerging in the world

a Renaissance Woman

who is bridging material and spiritual worlds and

is walking this life in beauty, wisdom and personal power.

What really makes these women happy, confident and fulfilled is they connect to their inner state and their feminine essence.

And then radiate that light into their intimate relationships, family, business, living out their purpose and  becoming a beacon of light and an example to others of what's possible.

Ever wonder how some women just have this "it factor"? This unique special quality that makes them attractive, magnetic and distinctive in some way that is hard to put into words.

These are the women who are able to bridge and embrace their external and internal beauty, their feminine and masculine attributes, and embrace their light and their shadows.

They love and take care of their BODY and they also honor and connect to their SOUL, and with that they are gifted with their own permanent muse, artist, intuitive, oracle, visionary and a cheerleader.

They just love and value themselves and other people feel it and magnetize to them.

I am this woman and I want this for you! 

Meet Elena

Hi Gorgeous, so happy that you are here.

I am on a mission to help women be emotionally healed, creatively expressed, sexually liberated, spiritually aligned and deeply connected to their body and soul.

For years I was searching for my life purpose and had a nagging feeling that I forgot something. Luckily that brought me to spiritual awakening which was followed by a radical identity shift and deep inner healing, which ultimately made me leave my 20-year Wall street finance career to become a coach.

Through my own healing and channeling, I was able create a blueprint to help other women feel loved, worthy, empowered, beautiful inside and out.

I know what it takes to rediscover yourself and become empowered.

And it is my mission to share it with others.

Membership for the Soul

We all know that you can’t go to the gym once and expect to feel the physical benefits of that workout all year round.

In the same way, you can’t attend one workshop or a retreat and expect to feel the mental benefits of those lessons in the weeks and months to come.

I know what it is like to complete self development program or come back from the retreat, and few days later the feeling of bliss eludes you and the life-changing revelations you gained float away into the hustle and bustle of the everyday grind.

From almost a decade of being on my own spiritual journey, I now know that Soul development needs an ongoing practice and devotion. 

You need proven tools and a coach who will keep you inspired, empowered and accountable, so you can avoid falling into old habits, but instead build spiritual muscles to trust your own intuition, boost your confidence and master your manifestation.

You need to keep healing your Human Self and expanding your Soulful Self.  

That’s why I created a sacred space for women to come together and work on their mental, emotional and spiritual development on continued basis. This membership is a beautiful portal to support your evolution.


Every month in the membership we will dive into specific themes and all the masterclasses and workshops will be dedicated to them. Here's the schedule for the next three months:

January - Soul Alignment - all about setting the right goals for the year, enhancing intuition, balancing chakras
1/8 Goddess Circle with Elena
1/11 “Intuition Activation” workshop with Courtney Tailor, life coach and psychic
1/22 Lunar New Year ceremony 
February - Love, Sex and Relationships - all about creating intimacy and love with yourself and others
2/5 Goddess Circle with Elena
2/10 “Sacred Partners” workshop with Dr. Eva Brown, sex coach and couples therapist
2/28 “Heart Chakra” Breathwork with Sabine Binns, clarity breathwork coach
March - Body Health and Vitality- all about nutrition, gut health, skin care, hormonal balance, fitness and body work.
3/5 Goddess Circle with Elena
3/15 “Vital Body” workshop with “Medical Medium” expert and nutrition coach
3/20 Spring Equinox Ceremony

Soul Membership

$144 per month

3 month minimum commitment

  • Immediate Access to a growing library of all my workshops and masterclasses

  • Immediate Access to the vault of guided meditations and visualizations

  • Monthly live group coaching call with Elena

  • Monthly live masterclasses and exclusive interviews with guest experts on topics such as spirituality, sexuality, relationships, business, parenting, creativity, style, health, astrology and so much more.

  • Access to Seasonal manifestation ceremonies
  • Access to private Telegram group to connect with other women to share breakthroughs and ask questions.

  • Exclusive membership discount to in-person retreats and workshops