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Meditation Portal

In Meditation Portal you will discover and experience:

  • Liberation from constant chatter of the mind that keeps you trapped in worry, regrets, self-judgement and anxiety.
  • Healing of old wounds and traumas and release of negative emotions such as anger, guilt, shame, sadness, depression, jealousy and self-hatred.
  • Deeper understanding and felt sensation of the authentic, empowered and joyful YOU that exists within.
  • Profound connection with your Inner Child, Higher Self and the Spirit realm who always have your back.
  • Increase of your vibrational frequency which will make you more magnetic to love, fulfilled relationships and success in business.
  • Activation of your purpose, your gifts and your unique genius.
  • Upgrade of your Whole Being at the cellular level.

What People Are Saying:

When I heard before how beneficial it is to meditate, I couldn't understand how people stop the thoughts in their heads so I could never get myself to meditate. Until I discovered Elena and her guided meditations. In her meditations she guides via visualization and her voice calms and relaxes me. I've been doing her meditations morning and night and I am in love with them. I feel like a different person. I gained peace in my soul. I am so balanced with myself and others. I am forever grateful to Elena for her meditations.

Tamara S

I love Elenas guided meditations. She has a special gift in delivering a meditation which allows me to truly connect deeper into my practice. I feel very grateful to have found Elena as she has so much light to spread to this world. I have had the honor to attend a few of her live workshops which has truly changed the way I connect with myself & others.


When I want to meditate, I choose Elena's meditations. Not only does she have such a calm and powerful voice and presence, the frequencies she records have me tingling. I can feel my body transforming. During our work together, Elena has even created meditations catered to my specific healing. I feel brand new, connected, in tune. I also feel a sense of safety and wholeness. Thank you, Elena, for the work you are doing!

Amanda L