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Meditation Portal

is comprehensive library of guided meditations, self-care tools and practices for your well-being, based on ancient wisdom traditions and modern scientific research of neuroscience, epigenetics and quantum physics.


It has all the proven techniques you need to start and sustain meditation practice.


You won't find these quantum healing meditations on any apps or YouTube. You may even consider dropping your therapist, if you have one, once you experience the healing and activation from these meditations. 


These guided meditations were either shared with me by my spiritual teachers from all over the world or I channeled them myself over the years of practicing.


They are proven to work for me and many of my private coaching clients. Till now they've only been shared with my private clients.


They are specially designed to help you discover the best YOU - Mind, Body, and Spirit.

This Meditation Portal is for you, if you're looking to:

  • Relieve Stress and Anxiety

  • Strengthen Vitality

  • Heal past wounds and traumas

  • Improve Relationships

  • Attract Love

  • Manifest Abundance

  • Discover Purpose

  • Enhance Intuition

  • Improve Self-esteem

  • Deepen Spirituality 

With Meditation Portal you will discover and experience:

  • Liberation from constant chatter of the mind that keeps you trapped in worry, regrets, self-judgement and anxiety.
  • Healing of old wounds and traumas and release of negative emotions such as anger, guilt, shame, sadness, depression, jealousy and self-hatred.
  • Deeper understanding and felt sensation of the authentic, empowered and joyful YOU that exists within.
  • Profound connection with your Inner Child, Higher Self and the Spirit realm who always have your back.
  • Increase of your vibrational frequency which will make you more magnetic to love, fulfilled relationships and success in business.
  • Activation of your purpose, your gifts and your unique genius.
  • Upgrade of your Whole Being at the cellular level.


Meditation opens doors to deeper states of self-awareness, profound wisdom and limitless possibilities. 


Daily Meditations

Establish daily sustainable practice with morning and night meditation and rituals for better sleep, performance, abundant energy, renewed vitality and overall wellbeing

Healing Meditations

Relish yourself of deep peace and mental clarity, as you release yourself from past wounds, old patterns, negative emotions and anxieties, by reprograming your subconscious mind.

Manifestation Meditations

Raise your vibration and embody your ability to attract love and relationships, success and abundance.

Ascension Meditations

Align with your Soul, step into your purpose and rise above anything that takes place in the outer world that doesn't align with your highest destiny

About Meditation Instructor

Elena is a transformation coach and energy healer, who bridges personal development and spirituality.

Elena's deepest desire is to awaken people to their fullest potential and their unique genius.

With her coaching, workshops, retreats and online courses, Elena is helping people tap into their inner power and raise their vibrational frequency, so they can live more purposeful, abundant and beautiful life.

Prior to her spiritual awakening and dedicating her life to serving and coaching people, Elena had successful finance career on Wall Street.

She experienced many challenges, health issues, traumas and burnout in the course of her life, which led her to discover meditation that changed trajectory of her life.

On the path of self-healing and self-realization, Elena traveled the world to many sacred sights and worked with world class healers, spiritual teachers, shamans and coaches.

Elena is now happily married, has 2 children, lives between New York City and Tulum, Mexico where she runs wellness retreats. 

Meditations in this Portal serve as Activations and been only shared with my private clients till now.

Here are some life-changing testimonials.

Jane B

Recently I came to a point in my life where I didn’t know where I was going and what I wanted. Life took me to an event hosted by Elena and that marked the beginning of my new reality, my journey. As a disclaimer, I do not follow any religions nor do I believe in anything that has no reasonable explanation! The way Elena delivered information not only made sense but got through!  And that was only one event and one meditation! Elena’s passion, delivery, energy resonated with me on a level of complete trust...I made decision to work with Elena privately and every day since then, as I evolve, awaken, enter new paradigms, I know that was what I needed and I’m grateful to have made that decision. To be more concrete, I have become more at peace, I’ve let go of old traumas and feelings that were creating my reality. Elena has guided me towards the door to a life of gratitude, joy, peace, happiness and most importantly, complete understanding of who I really am.

Diana K

Words are hard to describe the great gratitude I feel towards Elena, a spiritual coach, an inspiration, a motivator and a truest beautiful soul… I wanted to change my life and I put my full trust into letting Elena be my spiritual mentor and set me on a journey to discover a better me. I felt like life was robotic and I was always waiting for the next event. I wanted a sense of security and to gain confidence from the inside. To heal old scars that caused a great burden on my current life. By taking Elena’s program, I am seeing a difference by making subtle changes from her teachings and meditations. I highly recommend Elena and I am thankful to have met such a beautiful soul.

Danielle L

I love Elenas guided meditations. She has a special gift in delivering a meditation which allows me to truly connect deeper into my practice. I feel very grateful to have found Elena as she has so much light to spread to this world. I have had the honor to attend a few of her live workshops which has truly changed the way I connect with myself & others.

Julianna P

Elena's meditation is amazing! This is the first meditation that I’ve felt most calm then any other meditation I’ve tried. I was in the deepest meditation state I’ve ever intentionally been in. Thank you so much for this! You’re a life saver and an amazing healer! God bless you.

Diana A

Elena has been such an inspiration. Taking her coaching program and meditations made me open in so many ways and elevate in spiritual world. I’m so honored and grateful to her and her teachings. I look forward in learning and meditating more and growing with her in this Journey.

Amanda L

When I want to meditate, I choose Elena's meditations. Not only does she have such a calm and powerful voice and presence, the frequencies she records have me tingling. I can feel my body transforming. During our work together, Elena has even created meditations catered to my specific healing. I feel brand new, connected, in tune. I also feel a sense of safety and wholeness. Thank you, Elena, for the work you are doing!

Tamara S

When I heard before how beneficial it is to meditate, I couldn't understand how people stop the thoughts in their heads so I could never get myself to meditate. Until I discovered Elena and her guided meditations. In her meditations she guides via visualization and her voice calms and relaxes me. I've been doing her meditations morning and night and I am in love with them. I feel like a different person. I gained peace in my soul. I am so balanced with myself and others. I am forever grateful to Elena for her meditations.

Here's the list of 15 meditations included in the Portal.

You can listen to them on the desktop or mobile app.


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  • 5 Emotional and Mental Wellbeing  practices
  • 5 Spiritual Activation practices
  • 3 Manifestation Meditations practices
  • 2 Full moon and New moon Meditations and rituals
  • Morning meditation and ritual
  • Sleep meditation and ritual
  • Sound Healing music
  • Proven techniques on how to start and sustain meditation practice and bring it into your lifestyle

All The Practices You Need To Start And Sustain Your Meditation Practice.


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