Your gut is your second brain

Uncategorized Apr 15, 2020

You probably have a parasite.

Eeeekkk... that’s what I heard years ago from my nutritionist, when I complained to her that I always felt bloated and exhausted by 3pm each day, craving sugar to pick me up.

The astonishing statistic is that 80% of people have them and don’t even know about it.

If you experience anxiety, fatigue, brain fog, negative thoughts, fears, as well as bloating, gas, sinus congestion, skin rashes - chances are you have them.

They are contracted in many different ways from toxins, metals, liquids and foods (God knows I loved sushi) and terribly effect your gut health, immune system and energy field.

Energetically, parasites carry very low frequency and feed off your fears and anxiety. They feed off that and contribute to that. Aghhhh.

You probably heard that healthy gut is the key to strong immune system and stress levels and it’s so important in this pandemic to boost your immune system.

And I believe that detoxing your body from parasites is an important step to having healthy gut and raising your vibration.

That’s why in my online program “Raise Your Vibration”, that launches on May 1, I start with giving you easy to implement steps on cleansing your body physically and energetically. I even have a specific meditation for it, along with the right herbs and foods and ways to starve them.

My online program is one of a kind and there’s no analog to it on the market (if you find anything remotely similar, let me know). I approach self healing from holistic view - healing all your bodies - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. You are multi leveled and healing yourself at all levels is the only effective and sustainable way. I don’t like putting bandages on problems, I always look at root cause.

That’s what worked for me for feeling and looking great and being so energized.
That’s why I want to share this with others, especially now that we are faced with pandemic.


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