Light in your broken heart

Uncategorized Jun 15, 2020

I hope you meet a man in your life who will break your heart.

Why? Because it will awake the longing in you for self-discovery.

It will be a beginning of your real story - a story when you finally feel raw and alive. A story when you meet the real you. A story when you choose to love yourself first. 

Yes it will hurt in the beginning, but you will gain a connection to a part of yourself that is beyond human, and that worth everything.

You will learn how to put together pieces of your broken heart to heal yourself, to forgive him and ultimately to thank him for playing that role. One day you will know why it happened the way it did.

I’ve heard a saying that those who hurt us the most on the human level, love us the most on the soul level. This is so hard to comprehend. Just How? Cause they agreed to play this role for you, so you can get closer to your true self. Earth is a playground for learning unconditional love.

And once you heal, rise high in your power and become you radiant authentic self, you will attract big love to your life. Someone who doesn’t need to limit, define and complete you, because you are already whole and complete. Someone who will shine just as bright next to you, never to overshine you and never to cast a shadow.

I hope you will meet a man in your life who will break your heart. Cause it’s only through the cracks  the Light can get through.


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