Life is better when shared

Uncategorized Oct 09, 2020

As I am sitting in one of the busiest places in New York city – the Grand Central Station café, thousands of people passing me by, but I can’t help but think how radically lonely we all are. No one can experience my experience, neigher I can experience theirs.

No one can laugh, cry, dance, dream, love, see the world the way I do. Everyone does it in their unique way, not better or worse, just different. Everyone sees the world as a reflection of who they truly are.

But sometimes we can try to share with others how we see it and how we feel it, and maybe there, if only for a moment, those feelings will be crossed and we will feel something very similar, as though we both touched something together. 

There are three things that don’t stop to fascinate me - they are the sunrise, the sunset and the reflection of sun rays on the water, you know those sparkles that look as though some benevolent beings dancing on the water. 

Few years back we went to Croatia with friends and I remember sitting on the beach together late afternoon, sunsetting a beautiful day that we spent together in Dubrovnik, tired but happy, all of us looking out in the water mesmerized, thinking our own thoughts. And there I saw those familiar sparkles and my husband said “you know, I always love looking at those sun rays on the water” my heart dropped and I replied “me too”. Right there, in that moment, something beautiful was created and shared - an appreciation of a simple thing that may go unnoticed for so many, but so magical if it is noticed and shared. 

Life is better when it’s shared and even if our deepest experience will only remain intimately ours, it is multiplied when some of it can be shared and understood by others. When we can be in it together, when we can just sit in silence, appreciate the beauty and touch this mystery that we call Life, if only for a moment. 


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