Are we faced with mental health crisis?

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2020

As statistics of corona virus are changing day by day, the media is blasting 24/7 and feeding fear into our psyche, people are loosing their common sense by emptying the stores.... this virus is most loudly pointing to the fact that, what we face globally is a Mental Health crisis.

In one of my favorite movies “Inception” (I am fascinated with the dream world and subconscious mind) Leonardo DiCaprio character says “What is the most resilient parasite? Bacteria? A virus? An intestinal worm? No! It’s an idea! Idea is the most resilient and highly contagious”

The idea and fear of the corona virus has inflicted more damage then biological virus itself. The fear is feeding the pandemic energetically, giving it exactly what it needs to grow. It’s easy to control and manipulate people when they are in fear. Just think about what you are giving away!

Fear and drama has capacity to hijack our nervous system. Our minds become possessed by the idea. But let’s not judge people who are afraid and overreacting. Cause then - you are overreacting as well. If you are a human being, I am sure you’ve experienced fear at some point in your life, without solid reason as to why, and my prayers are with everyone who suffers.

Living in fear allows it to have control and power over you…it doesn’t make you better prepared or immune. It’s actually quite opposite. It is important for you to know that, every thought emits a frequency to the Universe and this frequency goes back to the origin. So instead of focusing on negativity, fear and anger, emit the energy of positivity, joy and kindness, all this comes back to you. Stop feeding the collective by sharing memes and “breaking news” from media outlets!

Now Big Picture:

Our planet is going through a massive shift in consciousness. We are ascending from 3D reality to 5D reality- a reality in which we are not manipulated and don’t live in fear and hate.

I don’t know how long this shift will take place, but as with every change, the chaos needs to occur, for the purpose of clearing what no longer works with the current system, so that the desired outcome may be manifested in reality.

The Earth has been cleansing itself with fires. Now we humans need to have an open heart surgery on our collective psyche and I hope this situation will trigger more people to awake.

We need to shift awareness, look at our own wounding and heal our inner being. The current situation revealed the bigger issue we have with our society and that is of our Mental Health!

Do you know the best way to keep yourself from viruses and diseases? It is to raise your own vibration and hold more light! Those people will survive and thrive on new Earth!

So if you’ve read my post this far, then please do this with me: put your hands on your heart, close your eyes, take a deep breath, imagine yourself in a bubble of white bright light that is healing and protecting you and say:
“I am Home. I am safe. I am well. And so is everyone in my family, my community, my country, my planet. Amen”

I promise you - the love and light that you emit to the world can heal others and come back to you ten fold 🙏

With love and devotion for humanity,
Elena 💜


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