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Sometimes it's easy to feel like you're only a side character in your own life. That there's an invisible force holding you back from reaching your full potential, and that your dreams are nothing more than a fantasy, but you'd be completely wrong! Your dreams and desires are a manifestation of your innermost passions, and these are the goals that will sustain you, even if you feel like you've lost your way on the path to attain them.

Although it can be a long, arduous -and at times painful- road on the journey to self-actualization and achievement, these trials and tribulations are thrust onto you because you are already able to handle the burden and rise to the challenge; you may just need some help getting out of your own way and realizing your true strength.

These moments of understanding and connecting with your true power are liberating like no other, and are what Transformational Life Coach Elena Donskaya refers to as 'Awakening Moments'. Elena is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer and mentor that specializes in bridging spirituality and personal development; enabling hundreds of women to reclaim their inner strength and gain control over their life paths. Elena herself has endured many hardships on her journey and witnessed multiple Awakening Moments that changed her life trajectory, and pulled her from a corporate 9-5 job on Wall Street to a life of service. Now, through her brand Elena Visionary, she lives a life of abundance and fulfillment; guiding other driven women to master their physical, emotional and spiritual state of being, working in alignment with their purpose and towards their dreams.


Elena recalls a life-defining moment that caused her to leave her successful 20-year financial career behind. "It was Deepak Chopra who came to my corporate job in New York and meditated with an audience of 200 people. This was the first time I had an out-of-body experience, where I found myself weightless and vast, floating above the crowd. A few days later, through a beautiful synchronicity of events, I started to read a book called "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. It expanded my consciousness so much that I realized I am not just my body and my mind, but a vastly powerful energy being, observing a human experience". It was these events that shocked Elena into a new perspective, and the beginning of her journey of deep healing and self-discovery. "In that moment in 2015, I realized everything in my life had led me to this exact point."


Elena has been challenged her entire life, from growing up in Soviet-era Russia with a myriad of health complications, to seeing her parents lose all their money, immigrating to US and trying to assimilate into the US school system at 17 with zero English comprehension, struggling to pay for her business degree while juggling waitressing jobs in New York City, fleeing from the falling twin towers on 9/11. The list goes on, but Elena refers to these moments as "dark nights of the soul". "Through daily meditation practice, traveling to sacred sights around the world and receiving guidance from spiritual teachers, I was able to gain a vantage view of my life and now am able to see the lessons and beauty in all these experiences". She now lives an empowered life happily with her husband and two children, proudly in service to her higher self and to the other women that come to her seeking the same empowerment.


Through Elena Visionary, Elena has turned all her experiences into wisdom for other women to lean on. She offers a range of services , from 1-on-1 and group coaching sessions, speaking and guidance events booked around the world, to specialized retreats held in Tulum, Mexico. These retreats are intense, deep-healing experiences where clients can reconnect with themselves in a communal setting, take part in workshops, and visit sacred sights. "With every practice, every meditation, every dance, Elena will guide you into the light and share her wisdom and her knowledge." said Kristina, a participant of the most recent retreat experience. "I am amazed with myself how only 7 days changed me. I feel open, sensual, happy and fully satisfied. I have found new love, respect and gratitude for myself. This retreat was my rebirth, my awakening, my beginning of a new life!"


If you're tired of doubting yourself and your abilities, sick of being held back by past trauma, connect with Elena Visionary through her website or Instagram @elenavisionary and step forward confidently into your new, powerful self today!


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