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Our vision is for all people to awaken and reach self-realized potential, so they can create their own reality and live purposeful, abundant and beautiful life


Our mission is to elevate and expand people's consciousness to help them re-remember the incredible power they have within themselves


Our goal is to provide inspiration, coaching and practical tools to help people in all aspects of their lives - health, wealth, love, relationships and finding their life purpose

Do you know who you are?


And if you want to live your life in love, health and abundance, you need to unleash that power within you.

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Elena is a transformation coach and energy healer, who bridges personal development and spirituality.

Elena's deepest desire is to awaken people to their fullest potential and their unique genius.

With her coaching, workshops, retreats and online courses, Elena is helping people tap into their inner power and raise their vibrational frequency, so they can live more purposeful, abundant and beautiful life.

Prior to her spiritual awakening and dedicating her life to serving and coaching people, Elena had successful finance career on Wall Street.

Elena is happily married, has 2 kids, lives in New York and travels the world. 

"To work with Elena is a Gift, which I'm endlessly grateful for. The Journey of self-discovery and transformation requires courage and dedication, but becomes joyful, when guided by the Teacher, who walks her talk, shares profound wisdom and techniques, and believes in your success like you wish you would! Every interaction with Elena brings me to the center of my core, away from destruction, where I see with full clarity the real cause and effect of my concerns. Whatever I was going through - Elena would always hold a safe, completely non-judgmental loving space, where a lot of my deep realizations and transformations occurred. Her wisdom and humor are able to open any door!"

Lena Krilloff
Medical Student

"From the moment I met Elena, her presence alone was healing and inspiring. She has a rare energy that is so creative and so connected- its as if she is always channeling a higher power through her. Her dedication to her own evolution and that of the world is extraordinary!"

Katerina Mayants Nelligan
Author of "Happiest mom on the block" book

"Elena is a very intuitive, devoted and passionate coach, who shares her insights, practices and healing techniques with people seeking spiritual guidance and support. Being a true artist at heart, she values beauty and instill it all around her and people she directs. Elena heals with beauty, inspires and guides gently without any judgement and pressure. I, personally found her personal development spiritual workshops very helpful and nourishing. Whether you’re looking for a spiritual guidance, stuck in an everyday routine, would love to start meditating or seeking for a higher purpose in life - Elena is a great resourceful coach providing support, motivation and lots of simple yet valuable insights on one's pursuit of expanding consciousness. "

Lana Wolfson

"Recently I came to a point in my life where I didn’t know where I was going and what I wanted. Life took me to an event hosted by Elena and that marked the beginning of my new reality, my journey. As a disclaimer, I do not follow any religions nor do I believe in anything that has no reasonable explanation! The way Elena delivered information not only made sense but got through! And that was only one event!! Elena’s passion, delivery, energy resonated with me on a level of complete trust. It felt natural to relax and completely give in to her energy. No later than the next morning, I made a conscious decision to work with Elena privately. And every day since then, as I evolve, awaken, enter new paradigms, I know that was what I needed and I’m grateful to have made that decision. To be more concrete, I have become more at peace, I’ve let go of old traumas and feelings that were creating my reality. Elena has guided me towards the door to a life of gratitude, joy, peace, happiness and most importantly, complete understanding of who I really am."

Jane B
Founder and Director of "Steps to Success" Pre-School

"Elena, you have been such an inspiration. Taking your course "Raise Your Vibration" made me open in so many ways. I’m so honored and grateful to you and your teachings. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your course, for sharing your knowledge and for elevating me in the spiritual world. I look forward in learning more and growing with you in this Journey. "

Diana Aronov

"Elena has such a lovely and peaceful charisma about her. She lives & breathes spiritually and truly puts in the work. This shines through her messages and her teachings. I love Elenas guided meditations. She has a special gift in delivering a meditation which allows me to truly connect deeper into my practice. I feel very grateful to have found Elena as she has so much light to spread to this world. I have had the honor to attend a few of her live workshops which has truly changed the way I connect with myself & others."

Health Advocate

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